Employment Opportunities

Bare Truck Center job listings can ONLY be found on our website or on our Facebook page. Bare Truck Center does not ask for any personal information (such as SSN, Driver’s Liscense, photos, etc) as part of the application process. We are no longer posting job openings on Indeed or other online recruitment sites. Our current job openings are listed below.  

Bare Truck Center is always looking to add new members to its team. Click the link below and get started today! Bare Truck Center is an equal opportunity employer. Located in Westminster, MD, Bare is an authorized International Truck, IC Bus, and Isuzu Truck dealer with full-service sales, parts, equipment, and mechanical services. Click on the links in the job description for more details and to apply today! 

If you have questions, contact us here, or call us directly at (410) 848-7400

There are no Open Positions at this time